Sunday, 27 March 2011

This Week I...

I stole this great idea from my good pal Jillie over at One Pink Hippo. Check out her blog, it’s full of yarny goodness!!

This Week I...

... Designed some new crochet flowers

... Worried about my brother who went on holiday to Poland

... Took a lot of painkillers

... Played Guitar Hero too much

... Was sent some great ami designs from Nayoko

... Continued crocheting my second monster granny square blanket

... Used my new Shape-Up flip flops (They killed my legs and feet!)

... Started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

... Received about 7 postcards through Swap Bot

... Did alot of walking


  1. I really like framing posts like this, too. :3

    I'm excited to see your new flowers! Monster granny square blanket? As in big blanket or grannies with monsters? :3

    I hope you're feeling better. Stupid painkillers. :\

  2. I'll post flower piccies this week! Plus I wrote the patterns down, so I can post them too :D
    Hehe yeah it's just a massive granny square, it hasn't got monsters on it, though I think that would be great! I'm making them for my Aunt and Cousin for Christmas :)
    And Thank you - bloody painkillers :( So far so good this week though :)


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