Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Christmas Cards?! Too Early!!?

Yeah, I know it's only October, but I've started putting together my Christmas card list! And like last year, I'm willing to send anyone a Christmas card, wherever you are in the world :) And like before, I won't use your address to send you junk mail or anything. I just love snail mail lol!

So, if you would like me to send you a cute Christmas card, simply send me your postal address and I'll send you one towards the end of November :) I'd email your address to me rather than comment with it below (, as you don't want everyone seeing your address lol!

I want to send LOADS of cards! Yay! :D


  1. Im gonna send you a card again this year :D im not sure if i still have your address but i'll email you about it closer the time :) xx

  2. You know me. ;] And of course, there will be one with goodies right back atcha.

  3. YAY! :D :D :D Same your way too! :D

  4. personally, I think it's never too early for Christmas cards. we should send cards all year round!


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