Friday, 15 October 2010

3 New Patterns and a Face Lift

I finally got round to uploading my new pictures and banner to my Etsy Shop today. There is a cloud/heavenly theme running through it all - I hope you will like it!

I also uploaded 3 new patterns! We have...

Gibbley - The Monster Under The Bed

Cuddle Monster

Apple In A Suit

I still have the Flumplebee PDF to write out, should be done by Monday. I really hope you like the new patterns - Thank you again to all the people that tested them for me!

I must just say too that I have taken the Uniloomph, Jacob The Jellyfish and Tilly The Turtle pattern down for now. I am still in the middle of re-writing them. They should be back up by Christmas though :)

Hope you like!


  1. Yeay for the Flumplebee :) Looking forward to see that pattern, it's my absolute favo!

  2. Thank you! It'll be up soon as!! :D

  3. I love the cloud theme! It gives the picture an extra something.

    I hope I can someday be able to make Gibbly and the Cuddle Monster! They are both soooo cute!

  4. oh wow i love the clouds <3 really makes your amis pop :D

  5. Thanks!! It's scrapbook paper from Ebay lol! :D


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