Saturday, 20 March 2010

Day 18 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Finally my camera started working again! Yay! So here's what I got from the wonderful Jillz when we did a Yarn Swap!

I got all this yarn! There's Red Heart, Sugar N Cream, Fancy Yarn - all sorts. I've already used the brown yarns to make a doll...

The brown, chunky, wavey yarn worked great as hair, and the Red Heart Sports Weight did great for socks and a dress. I have plans for the rest of the yarns - I'm in the middle of making a duster out of the Sugar N Cream stuff and I'm gonna make some ami's with the worsted weight. And a scarf with the fancy stuff. Ooooo the possibilities!

I got more! There was also a Crochet Today magazine (which I've heard so much about but never been able to get); googley eyes, cute buttons (as you can see I've already used one of the little bug ones!) And also a cute little octopus ami! I forgot to take a picture of him - he's sitting infront of my DVD's on my nearly cleared bookcase :D

And that's what I got! Once again a MASSIVE Thank You Jillz for swapping with me - it's been really fun! If ever you wanted to swap again I'd be only too pleased! :D


  1. W00t! Glad you like! It was fun. I need to get my pictures uploaded off Charlie ASAP.

    A swap in the future? Heck yes!

  2. They sell Crochet Today in WHSmiths in town sometimes. I pop in often to check for the new realise.

    Also there is the UK mag Inside Crochet which is newish and EXCELLENT! I have a subscription, but they also sell that in WHSmiths. Though I did see some on the mag stall on Basildon market yesterday (an old issue) so you might be able to nab yourself a bargain :)

  3. Ooo I didn't know WHSmiths sold them! I'll have to have a little look when I go into town! Thanks! And at the market - they do do some bargins there! :D


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