Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best Of...


Christmas cuteness! Love this little mouse by Mehashell on the crochet board at Craftster!! Mehashell says the pattern is from Lion Brand, so everyone can make their own little Christmas mouse! Yay!

Photo (c) Mehashell

Deviant Art

Found this cute Sock Monkey, by BrutalWallflower, on DA! He has such a sad little face! I really like sock monkeys; I've made a few myself and am in the middle of making up a crocheted version! Yay! Plus I love the socks used for this monkey!

Photo (c) BrutalWallflower


Love this cute little needle felted bear by gabrielefelt on Flickr! He hasn't got a name, as far as I can see, bless! I'd love to try needle felting, but like many crafts I want to try I wouldn't know where to start...

Photo (c) gabrielefelt


I wish I could knit!! Why can't I knit?! So annoying, cos I love this cardie by Erqsome on Ravelry! Love the colour, the button positioning, everything! Maybe I should learn...

Photo (c) Erqsome


  1. OH MY EXPLETIVE HIGHER BEING, WHAT A CUTE LITTLE MOUSE!!!! *goes to Lion Brand's webstite*

    I think someone may need a "how to knit" kit in the near future. ;]

  2. Aawww that would be fab!! :D I've tried knitting in the past but could never get the hang of it for some reason. But I'd give it a definite try if it ment I could make that cardie!

    I think I'm gonna make that mouse too, he's so cuuuuute!!

  3. That bear is impossibly cute! And the sweater is really cool, love the design.


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