Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mini Ami Octopus Take 2

As promised, here is the updated pattern for my Mini Octopus's. In this version I have added eye placement instructions and a new way to make the tentacles all in one piece. If you would like the old version (making tentacles individually) please see this page :)

Mini Ami Octopus

You Will Need:
. Crochet Hook (I used 3.5mm [E]. This will keep your stitches nice and tight and the tentacles curly)
. Small Amount Of Double Knit or Light Worsted Weight Yarn
. 7mm Safety Eyes
. Stitch Markers Or Piece Of Scrap Yarn
. Yarn/Embroidery Needle
. Poly-fill Or Other Stuffing
. Button (Optional)

. Ch - Chain Stitch
. Sc - Single Crochet
. Hdc – Half Double Crochet
. St/Sts - Stitch/Stitches
. Slst - Slip Stitch
. Inc (Increase) - 2 Sc into 1 St
. Dec (Decrease) – 1 Sc across 2 Sts
. ** - Marks a group of stitches to be repeated until the round is completed

No gauge, just keep your stitches nice and tight to avoid gaps in your work

Finished Size
1 3/4’’ Tall by 3’’ Wide (approx) using a 3.5mm (E) hook

Other Info
. As this is amigurumi, work in continuous rounds; in a spiral. Don’t join at the end of a row; just keep going
. Use stitch markers or a piece of scrap yarn to mark the start of every round. Replace at the start of the next round as you go along. This will help you keep track of where you started, and saves a lot of time if things go wrong!
. Although I am English, I write my patterns in American terms, so Sc means Single Crochet; Dc means Double Crochet etc.
. The number at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should now have
. I strongly recommend using a small hook i.e.- 3.5mm (E), to keep the proportions of the toy as they are in the pictures

1. Ch2, Sc 6 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 6 (6)
2. Inc around (12)
3. *Sc, Inc* around (18)
4. *Sc 2, Inc* around (24)
5. Sc around (24)
6. *Sc 3, Inc* around (30)
7-11. Sc around (30) *Mark End Of Row 9 For Shy Looking Eye Placement :)*
12. *Sc 3, Dec* around (24)

*Add Eyes Now*

13. Dec around (12)

*Stuff Now*

14. Dec around (6)
*Bind off, weave in end*

1. Ch2, Sc 8 into 2nd Ch from hook, or Magic Ring 8 (8). Join with a Slst to beginning Sc.
2. Ch 14

3. HDC 2 in 2nd Ch from hook, and HDC 3x in each Ch across to beginning Ch. Slst to next Sc in circle.

Repeat from Round 2, 7 more times, to make 8 tentacles.

It's gonna get a bit tight squeezing them HDC's over the SC's, but they will all fit in!

If you wanted, say, 7 tentacles instead, just swap the 8 in the beginning round for a 7 and repeat Round 2 and 3, 7 times.

. Sew the tentacle piece to the bottom of the body.
. Add little button (if required). I've also seen these octopus's with Mini Top Hats and even tiny flowers instead of a button :)


I hope them instructions were abit easier than the last ones. I find it saves alot of time not having to sew all the tentacles on :)

Have fun!


  1. Way too cute! I should learn to do this, but I think I'll leave it to the masters. :)

  2. thanks for the new updated pattern they all look great

  3. Thank you both! :D

    Mandy - give it a go! It's not as difficult as it looks ;)

  4. SOOO adorable...can't wait to try it for a baby shower gift (with baby-proof eyes, etc.)!

  5. Aawww that'll be super cute! :D

  6. I made one :)
    Here it is:

    This was my first completed crochet project! I've also completed a scarf and I'm currently doing two other stuffed animals.
    Thanks for the pattern!

  7. Fantastic pattern - had a lot of fun trying it out. My legs aren't as curly as yours but I figure on a couple more practices I'll get those stitches in tight!

  8. Thanks so much! Mine turned out super cute! :)

  9. Nikky - She's so cute, hard to believe she's your first crochet project!! Fab job! :D

    Scribewraith - Yeah the legs take abit of getting used to; you can always try adding more HDC's to the legs ie - do 4/5 HDC per chain stitch instead of the stated 3 :)

    Rebecca - You're welcome! :D

  10. This is the cutest thing :D And your tutorial on How to do the legs is really good.

    I did my own, it's not as cute as yours, but cute anyway Aku's octopus

  11. I love your octopus Aku!! So cute - Fab job!! :D

  12. My go to pattern for octopus tentacles! :D

  13. so cute, I must make at least one of these, hank you for the pattern :)

  14. Just made these tentacles! Awesome pattern and MUCH easier than another pattern I was trying. Very cute...Thanks!

  15. Made this last night!! Can't stop taking pictures of her :) This was my first amigurumi, so it's a little different than yours ;)

    I linked the pattern and credited you for it on my blog!


    Thank you again SO VERY very much :) She's a happy addition to my bookshelf of "awesome" :)

  16. planning on using buttons for the eyes since it will be for a grownup with an octopus fetish but i love the pattern! its just beautiful!!!

  17. Thanks so much for posting this pattern, it's so simple and so utterly addictive! I'm Actually in danger of having made too many - unpossible! :)

  18. I plan to make this in different colors, right now I finished a pink one.(http://longwinterhobby.blogspot.ca/2012/12/amigurumi-octopus.html)
    This is only my third amigurumi project. I never really crochet anything before, so I really appreciate the easy to follow pattern. Thank you!

  19. I've been an avid knitter for many years, but this is going to be one of my first crochet amigurumi projects. Thanks for the great pattern!

  20. Tee hee, so cute ;D made one as well: http://i40.tinypic.com/aadopl.jpg

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  22. :) this was my project camping this weekend I didn't have buttons so I crocheted a bow and sewed on here eyes. I lacked colors in my travel bag so she turned out looking a little sassy.


  23. I made one too! I blogged about it at my blog Liz Makes, and also added a link back to your blog and this tutorial. Thank you so much! I love it!

    Here's mine:

  24. I am pretty new to crochet but I was able to do this pattern with only minimal trouble with the body. That trouble only came from my Inexperience and my inability to remember where I'm at in the pattern. I made a blue one and it is so cute.

  25. Tana: use stitch markers at the beginning of each row. It helps me a *lot*, and is the only way I can make anything.

    I've made one of these (in pink), and have been working on a second for a friend (purple). For some reason I can't get hers to look right. Which is very frustrating. But still, they're just so adorable! Thanks so much for the pattern :)

  26. This was super easy! Mine was added to a lovey and had a little box tie :)

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  28. Would these look just as cute without eyes? I have a craft fair coming up and think I may try to make a few for it!

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  30. Thank you SO MUCH for this pattern!


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